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Novel-length Fan Fiction Writers' Community

Discussion, support, and resources

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Welcome! Please read this information before joining:

The purpose of this community is to provide a discussion forum, resources, and a support network for writers of novel-length fan fiction. We are a multi-fandom group and we are slash-friendly. This group is intended for adults only since the fan fiction we write may contain explicit sex. That said, I am not going to ban anyone from joining simply because of their age. Please join or watch the community responsibly! (There is a fantastic community for under-18 HP fanfic writers called ickle_firsties, and they accept NC-17 fic.)

This community is NOT a place to pimp your fic or rec the fic of others. There are many communities on LJ for this purpose, and a huge list of them can be found here (kudos to watchpoint). See also hp_directory for a comprehensive list of communities, updated frequently.

If you are a writer of novel-length fan fiction or would like to try your hand at it, or even if you just enjoy talking about the writing process, feel free to join.

How this is going to work (or Community Rules):

1. There are plenty of places to pimp your fic, so please: No pimping of your own work here unless it is part of a discussion or request for help. There will be regular "Update" posts in which members will be invited to leave comments detailing progress they've made on their fic, including new chapters posted. In short, this is NOT the place to post, "Chapter 37 of Harry Potter and the Dildo of Doom has been posted on FFN -- Go R&R!!!" Members can ask for specific feedback on a chapter they've written, or for constructive criticism of their fic.

2. Similarly, no reccing of fic unless it is part of a discussion about writing. So members should feel free to refer to a particular fic as an example of something being discussed, but no posts along the lines of "Go read this fic now!!!" There are plenty of places to do that, including your own LJ. :-)

3. A mod will post a weekly discussion question centered around issues of writing novel-length fan fiction in order to stimulate conversation. If you have any specific questions you'd like to ask, feel free to post them at any time.

4. Members should feel free to ask for writing help, for betas, or for advice on a particular plot they're working on. Venting frustration is also fine, as long as it is done in a constructive way. Please use cuts when necessary.

5. Friends-locked entries: Members should feel free to friends-lock entries that pertain to specific plots or issues they don't feel comfortable discussing in "public". If it's locked, then it doesn't leave this community. Please respect this policy!

Your mod is piscaria. Send email to the address listed above if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. Once you've joined, be sure to introduce yourself!