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Novel-length Fan Fiction Writers' Community

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Intro & Essay @ 02:22 pm

Hi there!

I've been a fanfic writer for a few years now, going from Buffy over LOTR to HP and some other fandoms (plus some shorter original stuff). I'm 27, assistant at a real estate office and former student of English and Geography - although I quit after a few semesters. I'm German and used to write mostly in German, but recently I've written a lot of English fics - probably because I can get more readers that way. Anyway, I kinda suck at introductions, so... on to something else ;)

I've written an essay, or rant, whatever, on Mary-Sue fic and the dilemma some authors have when creating an original fan character for a fanfiction. There are many tests and check lists online that are supposed to tell you whether your character is a well-balanced one or a crappy Mary-Sue, but I felt that some of them were too strict or generalising too much.

I hope it's okay to post this here, but I think it should be, as it's a general discussion on a fanfic genre that often is novel-lenght.

Please visit my LJ to read, comment and discuss. Tell me if you agree, disagree, if you have something to add and so on.

( What exactly is a Mary-Sue and how can authors turn her into a well-developed original character? )

If it's not appropriate (couldn't find anything on that in the rules) to link to my own journal I'll edit this post and insert the whole text here.